HostingStreamingProvider Service Streaming Provider - HD Video Live e On Demand


Streaming http

- Http Dyn Streaming => ACTIVE
- Disk Space => up to 2 TB
- Bandwidth => up to 1 Tbit/s
- EGDE - ORIGIN config.=> YES
- Live Support => YES
- Dynamic Streaming => YES
- VOD transmission=> YES
- Administrative Console => YES
- StreamingPalyerHttp => YES
- Price/Month => from 9 euro


iOS streaming live - on demand FOR ipad AND iphone

Now it is certainly possible, through our streaming server, to send online streaming audio/video, videoconferencing and e-learning also on IOS devices such as iPad and iPhone. The Apple devices as we know do not support the flash player and therefore it was necessary to update the Flash Media Server.
Does not change the mode of transmission of audio and video streams from Flash Media Live Encoder that will always connect to the streaming server through RTMP protocol (or RTMPE). It will then return the server http streaming media format for all devices.

The latest release of FMS allows you to receive stream flows directly on mobile devices through the connection string (method called HLS stands for HTTP Live Streaming) or through the new <video> tag available in HTML5. In this way, the device will connect to the server that will return real-time streaming content live or on demand. On the right side of this web page you can see a streaming demo video on-demand.

Http Streaming Video On Demand FOR Ipad*.

* = The video you are watching is not reflected in progressive download, but distributed in http streaming from Flash Media Server