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- RTMP String=> unlimited
- Disk Space => up to 3 TB
- Bandwidth => up to1000 Mbit/s
- HTTP Tunneling => YES
- RTMPE Support=> YES
- Live Support=> YES
- Admin panel=> YES
- Traffic/month => FLAT
- Pointer Domain => YES
- StreamingPlayerAS3 => YES
- Price/mo. => from 199,00 euro*
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The dedicated and Managed streaming hosting!

A Adobe Media Server dedicated and managed service (provided full Live and On-Demand support).

By our FMS Dedicated (D) service you can stream any kind of live events either store a lot of HQ media (as MP4 videos) to stream them on demand storing into 2 Tbytes per server.

Our dedicated servers are full managed so you should not worry to manage them or to configure any services; just pubblish your own applications (like videochat, or video conferences) either you can use the default Adobe application for live and on demand support

The FMS Dedicated (D) (as all our other streaming products), is provided as a support to your web site so throught a flash player pubblished on your own web site you can stream your events.

The following are the Technical specifications for our streaming dedicated servers*:

- CPU Intel Quad Xeon 64 bit
- Linux CentOS 5.5/6 64 bit (or MS Windows 2008 server 64 bit if required)
- up to 32 GByes RAM
- up to 3 Terabyes for disk space
- up to 1000 Mbit/s for bandwidth usage
- Unlimited traffic (all our streaming plans are FLAT)
- Adobe Media Server 4 64 bit dedicated License (standard or professional).

* more details about prices and technical specifications ara available at:

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- tutorial di utilizzo Adobe© Flash Media Live Encoder (ita)
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- free software download: Flash Media Live Encoder;

* = Costs are VAT except (22%)