HostingStreamingProvider Service Streaming Provider - HD Video Live e On Demand


- Content Delivery Network ITA
- Disk Space => Up to 2 TB
- Bandwidth => Unlimited
- EGDE - ORIGIN config.=>Yes
- Country distribution => Yes
- Live Support => Yes
- Dynamic Streaming => Yes
- VOD Suppport=> Yes
- Control Panel => Yes
- StreamingPalyerAS3 => Yes
- Price/month => By request

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Content Delivery Network - PEER TO PEER- MULTICAST

The CDN (or network for the delivery of content) is a system of networked servers that work together to distribute multimedia content to a large number of end users.
Optimization can bring benefits such as reduced costs for the bandwidth, improved performance and the guarantee of usability 'as well as quality'.

The objective of the CDN, and 'therefore, is to route a request for content on the node that is identified as optimal in relation to geographical origin or the user's load in terms of clients connected at the time (load balance).

On this infrastructure is set up server architecture Origin - Edge, where the former represents only the "server transmitter"and the second (or nodes in the CDN), content distributors.

Adobe© Flash© Media Server 4 and Enterprise is designed to use the network in a more efficient for a large-scale distribution and communication in real time. Reach the maximum number of users with minimal network load by distributing content assisted by the user, the application-level multicast, and multicast IP streaming.
Transmission of IP multicast
It can be published safely multicast network to improve the quality of video communication in real time. Flash Media Server 4 allows you to stream high-quality 'on the run Adobe Flash Player 10.1, significantly reducing network load. Use the integrated tools and Open Source Media Framework to start working in a simple and fast.
Casting multicast
Optimize the distribution of multimedia content on internal networks with a fusion of multicast streaming across the enterprise. Multicast on the Flash Platform and 'an innovative mix of multicast and IP multicast application layer that increases the capacity' network and at the same time reduce the load and the overall network latency.
Network Services Peer-to-peer.
Create games and multimedia communication applications with high efficiency of the network using a peer-to-peer network to provide interactive multimedia experience thanks to the distribution protocol RTMFP. Exponentially increased the capacities' distribution companies and social media applications on a large scale.